Hermit Thrush - photo by Mike Mammoser
Hermit Thrush – photo by Mike Mammoser
Every week here at the Sitka Summer Music Festival Susan Reed hosts a brief discussion about the programs for the upcoming week, and introduces you to some of our guest artists.
The June 12th discussion will feature a special collaboration with Sitka Sound Science Center’s Scientist-in-Residence, ornithologist Allison Nelson. Through discussion and performance, Allison, Susan (on piano), and flutist Louna Dekker-Vargas (from Trio Jinx) will share the beauty and complexity of the song of the Hermit Thrush, a migratory songbird native to Sitka. Together they will use instrumentation to explore the multiphonics of this species’ singularly captivating song and represent its complex use of vocalizations to defend territories and attract mates. The musical presentations will include a rarely-performed composition by Amy Beach for solo piano plus flute imitations inspired by the Hermit Thrush’s song.

The Festival’s Week in Preview will be held from 5:45-6:00pm in Stevenson Hall, immediately followed by the Hermit Thrush presentation at 6:00pm.