After enduring some design challenges and other delays, work began in early September with a thorough abatement of asbestos and lead, paving the way for the Hard Rock Construction crew to begin work in October. Since then, great progress has been made: 

  • The interior was gutted and completely reframed, and is now insulated with rock wool and soundproofing strategies. Sheetrock work is nearly complete on the second floor. 
  • WarmBoard has been installed on top of a sound attenuation mat for flooring throughout the building.  
  • Ten new helical piers were installed below the building to support the new “back” staircase and to support the front parlor.
  • The front stairway is being reconstructed and will remain open, as one of the attractive original features of the building. The back stairway has been rerouted.
  • A basement was poured beneath the new addition on the northwest corner of the building. The basement will serve as our mechanical room.
  • The porch is being reconstructed with a new foundation and design that adheres to original style of Stevenson and adjacent buildings.
  • Nearly all plumbing, waste lines, ducting, and electrical wiring is complete, with the exception of the new addition. 
  • The extensive fire suppression system is installed. 
  • The roof is being added to the addition this week, and soon those back walls will be enclosed.
  • Our interior design committee is meeting regularly and making decisions about flooring, paint, cabinetry, appliances, and other aesthetic elements.

We are so excited to see our dreams come true! However, like most big construction projects, we ran into some delays, change orders, and cost overruns … and so the fundraising continues. If you’d like to learn more about this project and help us clear the final fundraising hurdle, please get in touch with our office to learn more, or Donate Now!