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Christian Colberg began his musical studies at the age of five in his native Puerto Rico. Known today for his versatility, Colberg excels as a violinist and violist. In addition, he has also garnered accolades as a composer and a conductor. He is currently the Principal Viola (Louise D. & Louis Nippert Chair) of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Previously, he was the assistant principal viola of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. A graduate of the Peabody Institute of Music with a BM, MM and a GPD in violin performance, he became instrumental assistant for five years to his teacher, Shirley Givens at the Peabody Institute of Music.

Recipient of numerous awards including the Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation Fine Arts grant, Colberg was honored by the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico in 1985, and again by the Senate in 1994 for his achievements in the classical music field.

He has played numerous performances in the United States, the Caribbean, Canada, Central America and Europe with notables such as bassist Gary Karr, pianist Samuel Sanders, violist Milton Katims and composer Marvin Hamlish. Mr. Colberg has also been on the violin faculty of the Peabody Institute.

Colberg played his New York City debut under the auspices of Música de Cámara Inc. in 1992 to excellent reviews which described him as an artist with “real romantic ardor, charm and a good deal of brilliance…” (Strings Magazine). He has made a strong impact on audiences and critics alike which is best described by the music critic of Orpheus Magazine of Berlin. “Christian Colberg exhibited a dynamic temperamental flair, and sparks from his fiery playing agitated the atmosphere and the audience response.”

As a composer, Christian wrote his Concerto Para Viola piece and has been a soloist for this piece in the Cincinnati Symphony, the Puerto Rican Conservatory Orchestra and the group Musica de Camera in New York. The second movement of his Concerto Para Viola, was utilized as a piece in the prestigious violas competition Primrose International Viola Competition in 2014.

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